Pinnacle Primiarc 630 VRD – 630Amp 380V Industrial Digital Inverter

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  • Comprehensive protection from Over-Voltage; Under-Voltage; default phase supply; lightning strike; over-current; and over-heating
  • The unique air duct design greatly reduces failure and extends the service life of the welding machine
  • Unitisation design provides four-unit control; input unit; inverter unit; output unit.
  • Heavy Duty Stick Welding for use with cellulosic, low hydrogen, stainless steel and hard facing.
  • Produces a smooth and high-quality ARC for consistent results day-in and day-out
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Brand Pinnacle
Product Pinnacle PrimiARC 630 VRD ARC/Gouge Welding Machine
Product Type VRD ARC/Gouge Welding Machine
Code 6-1001092
Barcode: 6009547201844
Input Voltage Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated Input Power Capacity 36 KVA
Rated Input Current 44 Amps
No Load Voltage 77 Volts (VRD Off)
Output Current Range 20-630 Amps
ARC-Force 20-150 Amps
Duty Cycle % 60% @ 40°C
Welding Elctrode Size 2.5-6.0mm
Weight 43 kg
Diemnsion 622 x 280 x 480 mm